Commercial Services

Utility Right-of-Way Clearing

  • Utility Right of Way ClearingTransmission
  • Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Gas Pipe Lines
  • Roadway Railway

At Trees Unlimited, safety is our number one goal. Providing ROW clearing and maintenance in high voltage areas requires special training, skills, and extreme safety methods to protect human life, equipment, and the power grid of our customers. Our trained and experienced staff will always provide you, our customer, a job that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

We trim according to ANSI A300 (part 7) right of way guidelines. Our men are trained and work according to ANSI Z133 safety procedures.

Overseeing our workers are supervisors and foreman with many years of experience in ROW clearing. Part of their responsibilities includes insuring an efficient and safe job. Production and safety are key components in our expectations of our crews.

Trees Unlimited provides all types of vegetation management methods which include bucket crews, manual crews, brush mowing, and herbicide application. We also have specialized equipment to handle all your ROW clearing and maintenance needs. From mountainous terrain to high traffic areas, we can service any area of need.

Emergency Storm Response and Services

Emergency Storm Response

Our crews and needed equipment are available to respond to any type of emergency 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Extreme weather conditions such as snow, tornados, and other high winds that cause damage, we are ready to respond to any need that may arise. Trees Unlimited experts can handle special needs from storm damage to power grid problems to trees and damage to property.

Brush Control

Brush Control

Crews Available

Bucket Crew

Bucket crew equipment can consist of 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, or Scissor Lift trucks with standard or Forestry packages with height variance from 55 to 70 feet.

Mowing Crew

We offer Fecon or rotary mowers available.

Pre-planner Crew

We provide trained employees that can assist or totally handle customer notification, permissions, and assist ROW managers in responding and checking customer service call-ins regarding tree/wire issues.

Danger Tree Crew

We provide any size configuration of crews and equipment to remove danger trees.